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10/22/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/22/2021 17:26

DAS Update 10/22

Safety Reminders

Over the last few months, our volunteer program has been growing rapidly! With all of our brand new volunteers and old friends who are returning from a break during the pandemic, we are definitely feeling the volunteer love, and we know our pets are too.


Click on the image to see a chart of our growth over the last year!

Since we're seeing so many new and returning faces, we want to make sure we're sending frequent reminders about safety. Moving forward, there will be a safety reminder at the bottom of every newsletter. If you observe any safety concerns in the shelter, please email them in to be included!

A few reminders to get us started:

  • Be sure you are checking kennel cards before getting animals out. If there is a red square in the corner OR if the kennel card reads "I'm too young to leave my kennel" then you should NOT be getting that pet out. For cats specifically, Fraidy Cat training is required to interact with red square AND yellow triangle cats. If there isn't a kennel card, ask a staff member to print one before interacting with that dog or cat.
  • Do not add treats, toys, or enrichment items to kennels with two dogs, as this can lead to resource guarding and dog fights. You also should not cuddle with co-housed dogs in the same kennel, but you can separate them first and love on them individually. The Meet & Greet Suites are great for this!
  • Unless you are volunteering in playgroups, there should never be two dogs out in the same yard at the same time. A staff member or lead playgroup volunteer must be present for multiple dogs to enjoy playtime in the same yard-even if they are kennel mates.

Let's Clear the Kitten Nursery!

We are coming to the end of kitten season, and we need to clear the nursery so it can close for the season on November 3rd. Next weekend, we are hosting a 3-day kitten foster event for NEW fosters. (If you are an existing foster, you can still help us clear the nursery by scheduling an appointment next week to pick up a litter.)

If you've never fostered kittens before, and you want to help us end this kitten season with a bang, please email our Foster Team to sign up for one of these events. They will get you set up with everything you need to be a successful first time kitten foster, and there will be staff and volunteers at the event to answer any questions you may have.