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12/11/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 12/12/2019 07:08

Foreign Affairs Minister Bogdan Aurescu Attends the Anniversary Gala of the UN Youth Association of Romania

Foreign Affairs minister Bogdan Aurescu attended, on December 11, the Anniversary Gala which marked ten years since the establishment of the UN Youth Association (UN Youth) of Romania.

The minister congratulated the representatives of the association for their uninterrupted activity and results, while also evoking the close relationship between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Association - a relationship that was materialized especially through the cooperation protocol signed in 2016. Moreover, he encouraged the UN Youth to carry on, as energetically as they have done by now, organizing the International Student Conference dedicated to simulating UN meetings (Bucharest International Student Model United Nations Conference - BISMUN), held annually in Bucharest and which represented the core of the development of this organisation.

In this context, minister Bogdan Aurescu stressed the importance of promoting young people and of supporting, within the EU and in other international forums, the priorities and objectives of young people. These elements are among the main lines of action of his mandate. Bogdan Aurescu emphasized that involving the young generation is essential to addressing stringent issues on the agendas of the UN and of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - such as climate change, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity or a new policy for Space.

The minister of Foreign Affairs also recalled that Romania holds the Presidency of the Community of Democracies until 2021, having as a priority, among others, the involvement of young people in the democratic processes. In this context, minister Bogdan Aurescu addressed am invitation to young people to join some of the projects launched in this framework, such as the Youth Forum - in the summer of next year.

Finally, minister of Foreign Affairs Bogdan Aurescu reiterated the openness of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to an intensified future cooperation with the UN Youth Association.

Background information

The UN Youth Association of Romania is an NGO, established in 2009 and led by young people, aiming to promote and encourage UN values and activities among Romanian youth, society, and in the international community. Based on a collaboration protocol signed in 2016 between the Association and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the UN Youth Association has been actively involved, during the past three years, in the selection process for the inclusion of youth representatives in the national delegation led by the President of Romania in the high-level general debate segment of the UN General Assembly.