Ministry of Defence - Republic of Albania

10/15/2021 | Press release | Archived content

Air Force personnel getting trained on ground-to-air communication system, Peleshi: It is essential for civil emergencies to be operative in December

Published: Friday, 15 October 2021 17:11

Air Force personnel has started a 4-week training on the ground-to-air radio communication systems. Defence Minister Niko Peleshi, while greeting the staff at the Farka Air Base, inquired them to learn as much as possible from this training, as it is very important for the future, to keep the system operational at all times.

"I have only one request that the configuration of this ground-air communication system, to be 100% effective, as we have planned, in December. To learn as much as possible from this training and to be able to update it whenever necessary and with our own resources, not to wait for the contractor".

In his speech, Minister Peleshi said that such a system is crucial, especially in civil emergencies, in floods, during the summer fires, so he emphasized the building of internal capabilities.

This ground-to-air communication system aims for nationwide coverage at an altitude of 150 m above ground level, of 95% of the territory.
The commander of the Air Force, Colonel Ylli Pulaj was also present at this event.