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Where Joe Arpaio, Congresswoman McSally, and Kelli Ward Stand on the Immigration Debate

PHOENIX - Joe Arpaio, Congresswoman Martha McSally, and Kelli Ward all have one thing in common - they have voiced support for extreme immigration policies that would harm Arizona's economy and appeal to only primary voters within the Arizona Republican Party. One Republican Member of Congress even referred to Congresswoman McSally's plan as a '#BannonBill,' a reference to former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.

The AZGOP civil war has caused all three primary candidates to appear out of touch with Arizonans just as the U.S. Senate opened for a debate on immigration policy, including provisions to protect Arizona DREAMers and restore the federal DACA program. This includes Congresswoman McSally who, until her senate campaign, previously supported measures to protect Arizona's DREAMers and provide them with a pathway to citizenship.

Arpaio, Congresswoman McSally, and Ward are prioritizing their primary ahead of the state's economy and the nearly 53,000 DREAMers who are left waiting for Washington to just get things done.


Joe Arpaio

Arpaio Wanted To Deport All Dreamers. 'Sheriff Joe Arpaio may agree with '95 percent' of President Donald Trump's policies, but he has his own plan for the Dreamers. 'I would deport these Dreamers and let them see the country they came from, be ambassadors to our country, and later on give them kind of a fast track to come back into the United States legally and that would take care of a lot of issues,' he told ABC News, talking about recipients of the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals.' [ABC News, 1/26/18]

Congresswoman Martha McSally

McSally Supports 'Wish List for Immigration Hardliners,' a Reversal from Previous Bills. 'The Securing America's Future Act, co-introduced by Rep. Martha McSally contains a few good points about improving security and creating a viable guest-worker program, but it also reads like a wish list for immigration hardliners. McSally's version would not only authorize Trump's proposed wall along the southern border - an ineffective, multibillion-dollar monument to xenophobia - it would curtail legal immigration and immediately deport unaccompanied Central American minors seeking asylum. It only gives dreamers renewable legal status, with no immediate path to becoming a legal permanent resident.

This bill is very different from the McCain proposal. McSally previously told us she supported the moderate Recognizing America's Children Act, which contained a path to citizenship.' [Arizona Daily Star, 2.10.18]

Kelli Ward

Ward Attacked McCain For Supporting Amnesty In The Form Of The DREAM Act And Comprehensive Immigration Reform. 'The former state lawmaker-she resigned her Senate seat in December to focus on unseating McCain-launched into an accounting of McCain's sins: He has supported 'amnesty' in the form of the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform.' [Tucson Weekly, 2/11/16]

Ward Supported Ending DACA, Called It 'Obama's Unconstitutional Amnesty Program.' ''I support the President in ending Obama's unconstitutional amnesty program.' President Trump is expected to announce, as early as Friday, plans to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which stops young illegal immigrants from being deported, a senior administration official tells Fox News.' [Ward for Senate, 8/31/17]