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GEV Oman Gas & LNG Middle East Summit Presentation 29-Oct-18




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Early CNG ship designs were constrained by:

Stacking long horizontal pipes was not permitted because they would rub together as the ship flexed at sea Vertical pressure bottles became the 'standard' for CNG ships

Vertical bottles had to be supported in a framework and required space between each bottle for inspection

The excessive number and spacing of vertical pressure vessels resulted in:

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An inefficient use of the cargo space A highly expensive connection system



Reduced connections using large coils of small diameter pipe

Modest economic range

The Coselle design achieved American Bureau of Shipping "Full Design" Approval. The design:

‒ ‒ ‒ ‒

Showed the merits of long coiled lengths of pipe to minimize the number of connections Showed the merits of integrating the containment system into the ship design

Showed that the CNG storage in the ship was still not optimum because of the wasted space due to geometry Overly complex in construction because a specialised facility was needed to fabricate the Coselle's

Therefore, the "light bulb" moment:

‒ ‒

Use horizontally stacked straight pipe to optimize the usage of the ship's cargo hold Invent a system to overcome the horizontally stacked straight pipes rubbing together