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07/25/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 07/23/2021 18:01

Packaging cucumbers for a more sustainable food system

Extend shelf life and protect fresh texture, color and flavor
Designed with tailored permeability, Amcor P-Plus™ films provide optimal shelf life and freshness, delivering benefits to both your operations and fresh vegetable products. P-Plus™ films provide tailored permeability to meet your product's optimal OTR (oxygen transmission rate), extending fruit and vegetables' in-store shelf life and helping them lasting longer at home.

We offer recycle ready versions of P-Plus using PP or PE, helping to reduce plastic waste and increase sustainability. Recyclability is dependent on collection and recycling streams existing in each country. For information on recyclability in your markets, our packaging experts can advise you.

You can learn more about Amcor's packaging solutions for fruits and vegetables, or contact our fresh produce team.

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Source: Denkstatt GmbH in cooperation with ARA AG (Austrian packaging recycling association) and further partners from the sectors retail, packaging production and science (Denkstatt 2014).
1. A study by Project Drawdown, a coalition of experts focused on climate change
solutions, ranks reducing food waste as the No. 3 action item out of 80 - to the
tune of more than 70 gigatons of carbon reduction.
2. Data provided by MPREIS, OFI.