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09/06/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 09/06/2021 03:47

How hydrogen can fuel green energy

So what's so special about hydrogen? Plenty.

It can carry and store energy, provide fuel for all means of transport, and substitute for fossil hydrocarbons in industries such as steel production, petrochemicals and refineries, often the most difficult sectors to decarbonize.

It stores more energy per unit of weight than most other fuels. A kilo of hydrogen can power an SUV up to 100 kilometers.

Possible to make from low-carbon sources, it can be stored, liquified and transported through pipelines, trucks and ships. Hydrogen in fuel cells can be used for heavy transport in trains, airplanes or ships. It not only makes it possible to drive without carbon emissions, but also helps to cover longer distances and refuel faster than battery-powered vehicles.

What's more, it is a single product with applications in multiple sectors such as electricity, heat supply and mobility.

Several projects are already highlighting the possibilities.

Korean automaker Hyundai has delivered its first series of trucks with hydrogen tanks to Switzerland while German industrial conglomerate Thyssenkrupp plans to use hydrogen to replace coking coal in steel production by 2030. In Austria, a hydrogen train of the French railway company, Alstom, has started regular operation.