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07/23/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 07/23/2021 03:39

ZPMC Gained the Maintenance Project of Kingston Port Quay Bridge, Jamaica

'Originally, we were entrusted with the upgrading and retrofit of 2 quay bridges only. Unexpectedly, the service quality and progress were highly recognized by the user, and we were given a larger order during the implementation of the project.' Yang Shuming, the Project Manager of Kingston port maintenance project in Jamaica, said.

Recently, the maintenance project of Kingston port in Jamaica undertaken by ZPMC has been completed. This project has been highly recognized by the wharf user. The user immediately placed additional order and handed over the upgrading task of 4 quay bridges of the wharf to ZPMC. Currently, the contract of the new maintenance project has been signed.

The completed project mainly contains upgrade of 2 quay bridges, including the replacement of elevators and upgrade of part of the traveling mechanism of one quay bridge crane. In February this year, 7 members of the maintenance team finally arrived in Jamaica after hard traveling, and they started the on-site work soon after isolation. As these quay bridges were built by ZPMC in 2001, the elevators were old and needed to be replaced as a whole. But affected by the epidemic, the elevator engineers were unable to be at the site. In order not to affect the operation efficiency of the port, the maintenance team organized Cloud Commissioning, remotely connecting the electrical engineers in Latin America subsidiary and at domestic. Finally, the elevators have been installed, commissioned and tested independently, and has passed the acceptance of the special inspection agency of the local government.

During the implementation of the project, the maintenance team helped users to deal with equipment emergencies at the site for many times and solved the urgent problems for the user. In this regard, the user highly praised the professionalism of the maintenance team and said that he was relieved to hand over the project to ZPMC.

Kingston port of Jamaica is the seventh largest natural port in the world. It is located in the axis center of Caribbean region from east, west, north and south, having a very advantageous geographical location. In 2001, ZPMC's equipment were used in Kingston port for the first time. Up to now, there are 16 quay bridges in Kingston port in total, of which 14 are provided by ZPMC.