City of Lake Elsinore, CA

05/12/2019 | Press release | Archived content

Park Playgrounds Closing For Improvements

Summer is just around the corner, so it is time to get out and enjoy one of the City's 19 unique community parks. In our continued effort to have great parks, this year the City is installing new playground surfaces in 11 of our parks.

Over time, our existing playground surfaces have deteriorated due to weather and use. All existing surfaces will either be fully replaced with new rubber surfacing or repaired and restored.

Starting today, park playgrounds will be closed on various dates for these improvements through June 3rd. Efforts began this morning at Lakepoint and City Park.

The playgrounds will closed for improvements at the following parks, but the parks themselves will remain open on these dates:


City Park: May 13-15

Lakepoint Park: May 13-17

Yarborough Park: May 28

North LE:

Lincoln Street Park: May 20-23

McVicker Canyon Park: May 20-24

Summerlake Park: May 28

Alberhill Park: May 28-29

Machado Park: May 29

Other Areas:

Rosetta Canyon Park: May 29

Serenity Park: May 29-30

Tuscany Hills Park: May 30

Make sure to stop by after June 3 to check out all the exciting changes!