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07/31/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 07/31/2020 00:21

Jul. 31, 2020OSE Special Quotations Updated (Contract month: 5th week July 2020): Nikkei 225

Final Settlement Prices

Special Quotations, etc. (Index Futures/Index Options/JGB Future)

July 2020 Contracts
Nikkei 225 22,601.81 yen
Nikkei 225 Weekly Options 1st week 22,290.01 yen
Nikkei 225 Weekly Options 3rd week 22,819.81 yen
Nikkei 225 Weekly Options 4th week 22,817.10 yen
Nikkei 225 Weekly Options 5th week 22,242.93 yen
TOPIX 1,555.00 points
JPX-Nikkei 400 14,039.84 points
Nikkei 225 VI 22.99 points
TAIEX 12,220 points
FTSE China 50 18,405.43points

Final Settlement Prices, etc. (Precious Metal)

June 2020 Contracts
Gold 6,063 yen(per gram)
Platinum 2,739 yen(per gram)

Final Settlement Prices (Energy: TOCOM Market)

June 2020 Contracts
Platts Dubai Crude Oil 27,590 yen/kl
Barge Gasoline(Cash-Settled) 37,360 yen/kl
Lorry Gasoline(Cash-Settled) 37,180 yen/kl
Platts Barge Kerosene(Cash-Settled) 36,520 yen/kl
Platts Lorry Kerosene(Cash-Settled) 38,610yen/kl
Platts Barge Gas Oil(Cash-Settled) 39,500 yen/kl
Platts Lorry Gas Oil(Cash-Settled) 39,760 yen/kl
East Area Baseload Electricity 5.57 yen/kWh
West Area Baseload Electricity 4.66 yen/kWh
East Area Peakload Electricity 6.86 yen/kWh
West Area Peakload Electricity 5.79 yen/kWh
  • The Final Settlement Price/SQ on each product is updated the day following the last trading day (LTD) which differs depending on each product.
    Please refer to this page.
    *Please refer to this page for the last trading day of Energy: TOCOM market.
  • In principle, the SQ for each product is updated after 15:15 on the day following the last trading day (LTD) with exceptions for products listed below.
    Updated after 15:25 (TOPIX, JPX-Nikkei 400, TSE Mothers Index, TOPIX Core30, TOPIX Banks Index, TSE REIT Index)
    Updated after 15:50 (RN Prime Index, TAIEX)
    In addition, the update time for March, June, September, and December expiry months of Index Futures, Index Options and Dividend Index Futures may be later than other expiry months.

Historical Data

Special Quotations, etc.(Index Futures, Index Options and JGB Futures)
Option Settlement Prices(Weekly Option)
Final Settlement Prices, etc.(Commodity Futures and Options)