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09/24/2021 | News release | Archived content

“From monitoring bridges to greater resilience of transport networks”: AlmavivA with Moova at the PIA...


How are bridge monitoring and control technologies evolving? Since December 2020, when the MIT / MIMS Guidelines for risk classification and management, safety assessment and monitoring of existing bridges was adopted, the work began to define effective new standardized reference methodologies at the national level.

This was the subject of the discussion yesterday at the Infrastructure Safety Conference promoted by PIARC Italia.

AlmavivA's Dario Ferrillo, Head of Emerging Technologies Solutions for Transportation & Logistics, took part in the discussion with the following observation. "Digital transformation, as regards the management of infrastructures and mobility services, is a path that can start from emerging technologies but will inevitably have a strong impact on processes. For this reason, we must continue on this path, but with very clear medium-long term objectives that we want to aim for. Bridge monitoring is only the first milestone that must lead us to greater resilience of our transportation networks and Moova is the platform that enables this path."