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12/02/2021 | Press release | Archived content

FireEye Endpoint Security Takes Home SE Labs’ 2021 “Best Product Development” Award

FireEye Endpoint Security Recognized in SE Labs Third Annual Report for its industry leading multi-engine protection strategy

SAN JOSE, CALIF., Dec. 2, 2021 -McAfee Enterprise and FireEye today announced that FireEye Endpoint Security has been recognized by SE Labs as the Best Product Development award winner in the 2021 Annual Report. SE Labs regularly assesses security products to discover how they handle threats and targeted attacks, and in its third annual report for 2021, SE Labs recognizes FireEye Endpoint Security based on the improvements it's made in endpoint protection over the last year via its multi-engine protection strategy.

"We recognize that McAfee Enterprise and FireEye customers depend on 3rd party tests when selecting an endpoint protection platform," said Michelle Salvado, senior vice president, Engineering, McAfee Enterprise and FireEye. "This recognition is based on a solid year of testing, validating our defense-in-depth strategy and offering customers the assurance they need that FireEye Endpoint Security can protect their critical systems from attacks."

FireEye Endpoint Security protects customer's data, customer information and intellectual property. Using a defense-in-depth model, its modular architecture unites default engines and downloadable modules to protect, detect and respond, and manage endpoint security. Using a defense-in-depth strategy with multiple engines helps to prevent known and emerging threats; signature based for known malware, machine learning based MalwareGuard for new and advanced threats and behavioral analysis based ExploitGuard to stop exploits in common business software and browsers.

"SE Labs aims to recognise the strongest performers in the IT security world, while helping with product improvement through the journey of private and public testing," said Simon Edwards, chief executive officer, SE Labs. "It's not easy to do well in an SE Labs security test, which is why McAfee Enterprise and FireEye should be particularly proud of its recent performances in our public testing."

SE Labs assesses security products and services to improve information technology, testing a variety of solutions from endpoint software to network appliances and cloud services, with the goal of ensuring that they are technically accurate and done with the utmost integrity. In addition to test scores, SE Labs collects the subjective opinions of industry experts and consumer feedback from product users.

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