Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan

10/20/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/19/2021 22:53

A new road and junctions open in Tashkent

The Head of the state inspected the new road built in Yakkasaray and Sergeli districts of Tashkent.

The economy and population of the capital are growing. In recent years, the number of private cars has increased 2-3 times, more than 700-800 thousand cars drive through the city streets every day, more than half a million people come and go to Tashkent. All this dictates the need for developing road infrastructure taking into account these factors and trends.

There was a need for the construction of an additional road connecting Sergeli with Yakkasaray districts. This project is being implemented in two stages. To date, the construction of a two-kilometer road from Chuponota Street to Tashkent ring road has been completed. A 788-meter overpass and two 207-meter interchanges at the junction with Tashkent ring road were built through the Small ring road.

Today, these transport facilities have been put into operation. The new road and overpasses are designed to make traffic much easier. Firstly, the new street will intersect with the largest transport arteries of Tashkent - Small and Large Ring Roads. Secondly, the interchanges are designed so that it is convenient for vehicles to enter and exit from the bridge without traffic lights and U-turns, without interfering with traffic on other sections.

Currently, active work is underway within the framework of the second phase of the project. A road with a length of more than 4 kilometers from TRR to Qipchoq Street is being built.

In total, these six-lane roads and overpasses will have a capacity of up to 12 thousand cars per hour. Thus, the travel time from Sergeli district to the city center will be 20 minutes instead of the previous 40-50 minutes. The load on Yangi Sergeli street will be halved.

Special equipment that is planned to be used in road construction, landscaping and communal services was also demonstrated here.

Source: UzA