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06/19/2017 | News release | Distributed by Public on 06/19/2017 07:55

AEM Crane Stats Program Services now Include BI, Mapping

In response to member inquiries about enhancing the usefulness of output data, AEM announced business intelligence (BI) and mapping are now included as standard services for members participating in its crane statistics program.

Members will now be able to utilize the analytic tools in concert with domestic and worldwide crane data as part of their monthly service. Organized into 10 dashboards, they are accessible via a free, downloadable Tableau Reader.

'Members can access the wealth of information found in these dashboards to assist in their efforts to analyze industry data,' said AEM Director of Statistics and Market Information Rex Sprietsma. 'In addition, the mapping features provide excellent visual representations of the geographic activity by state in North America, and by nation for worldwide crane shipments.

The 10 dashboards are as follows:

1 - Worldwide Total Market

Trend analysis shows an area chart of actual reported shipments for each year. All combinations of attributes may be selected to provide a trend for any region, territory, state, or tonnage sector. In addition, a percentage increase/decrease compares each year to the previous one.

2 - Worldwide Region Analysis

A world map shows the totals by each region with comparison by the month of each year, while a tonnage sector chart shows the breakdown depending on the selected filters.

3 - Worldwide Region Tonnage Sector Analysis

This dashboard shows a breakdown of each tonnage sector comparing the same month for each year available. A percentage difference is also shown. Hovering on each chart point will show a tooltip with further details, including quantity.

4 - Worldwide Region Performance

This dashboard is designed to analyze world trends with all regions selected or for individual region selected, using the filter. Individual tonnage sectors may also be selected.A month by month comparison is also shown with percentage increase/decrease and the totals for each month.

5 - Worldwide Country Performance

This dashboard has the same functionality as Dashboard 2, but allows for further breakdown to destination territory level.

6 - Worldwide Region & Territory Analysis

This dashboard has the same functionality as Dashboard 3, but allows for further breakdown to destination territory level.

7 - Interactive Charts (AEM Crane Statistics Committee only)

This dashboard design allows worksheet interaction between each. Selecting an item on one sheet immediately changes the filter for all the other sheets in the dashboard.

8 - U.S.A. by State (AEM Crane Statistics Committee only)

This dashboard shows a map of the U.S. with the quantities shipped to each state.

9 -State Details (AEM Crane Statistics Committee only)

This dashboard shows further detail by state, with a trend by actual shipped quantity and a trend by rolling 12 months, with a breakdown by tonnage sector for the selected filtered items.

10 - Report Interactive

Designed to provide an alternative to the existing Excel and PDF reports, this dashboard also provides the added functionality of being able to filter down to areas of interest. This can also provide a useful accompaniment to any dashboard charts produced, where quantities are also required.

Additional Information

The Tableau Reader used to access the dashboards is designed to allow members to read proprietary monthly output files created by Systematics -- a data processor AEM contracts with to collect monthly data, process, and generate output reports for the entire crane statistics program -- using the tableau business information software. The reader allows users to utilize the interactive tools to manipulate the data through the use of tools (such as filters to select or deselect specific data like size class ranges or geographic areas or time periods) provided within the tableau reader.

Users can export any map, chart image, Excel Crosstab data, or Portable Document Format (PDF) from these dashboards, which could be the basis of an executive summary or very detailed industry analysis of monthly, quarterly, or annual crane activity by type, geography or size class.

'AEM member crane participants are unique in that they are now afforded the opportunity to utilize these analytic tools in concert with domestic and worldwide crane data - all as part of their monthly service,' said Sprietsma.

In addition to the BI and tableau mapping tools, a monthly crane index requested by AEM this year was created and published by Systematics for participants in the crane statistics program.

For more information, contact AEM Director of Statistics and Market Information Rex Sprietsma ([email protected], tel: 414-298-4147).