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02/14/2020 | News release | Archived content

Vikoda natural mineral water enhances resistance, disease prevention

Daily hydration with Vikoda natural mineral water will be one of the effective ways to increase the body's resistance in the epidemic season.

During the epidemic season, our bodies are sensitive to factors that change weather and pathogens. Therefore, proactive improvement of resistance is the most effective way to protect the health of ourselves and the community against pathogens that penetrate the body. One of the effective ways to increase resistance is to drink enough water every day, especially natural mineral water to help the body have a healthy immune system.

Originating from one of the rare minerals in Southeast Asia, Vikoda natural mineral water with its outstanding features such as containing special minerals: Ca, Na, K, Mg …, using mining technology in 220m depth in the ground, the temperature at the tap up to 72 degrees Celsius and bottled right at the source as prescribed by the Ministry of Health; water quality with high natural alkalinity, PH 8.5 standard; It helps neutralize acids in the body, prevents the growth of cancer cells, eliminates excess free radicals, and supports prevention and treatment of diseases much better than regular drinks. Therefore, regular use of Vikoda mineral water not only helps to change the quality of direct drinking water, but also helps supplement essential micronutrients, improving the body's resistance, helping the body always healthy to prevent disease especially during epidemic season.

Thanks to the history of nearly 30 years of establishment and development, Khanh Hoa Vikoda Mineral Water Joint Stock Company has long been a prestigious name in the Vietnamese market, always striving for the goal of improving the health of Vietnamese people. Especially, after receiving the investment and strategic orientation from the parent company, Vikoda has been constantly creating and developing the company's product designs in the direction of modern, friendly, typical products. Vikoda glass mineral water products help reduce plastic waste problems, protect the environment; contributing to asserting the position of the company, bringing the brand of natural mineral water of Vietnamese to international level.