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01/18/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 01/18/2021 02:50

The world's first 100,000-ton deep-water semi-submersible oil production and storage platform “Deep Sea No. 1' was delivered and set sail in Yantai

On January 14, the world's first 100,000 ton deep-water semi-submersible FPSO energy station "Deep Sea No. 1", China's own research and development, was delivered and sea sail in Yantai, Shandong province, China. This is a major breakthrough in China's ability to develop deep-water oil and gas fields and in the construction of deep-water offshore engineering equipment. It is of great significance to improving China's ability to develop Marine resources, ensuring national energy security and supporting the strategy of making China a maritime power.

Towed and dragged by three high-horsepower tug ships, the "Deep Sea No.1" energy station will travel southward from the Yellow Sea to Lingshui, located in southeast China's Hainan Island in February, for the development of China's first 1500m deep water self-operated large gas field - Lingshui 17-2 gas field.

During the construction phase, the project achieved three world-class innovations, applied thirteen domestic pioneering technologies, and solved more than ten industrial problems. It is a masterpiece in the field of offshore engineering construction in China.

CIMC Raffles has provided hull module construction and mega block erection services successively for the "Deep-sea No. 1" power station. Through the successful implementation of the mega block erection activity, China's technology on structure assembly & erection, as well as dimensional control of semi-submersible platform has reached the world advanced level. A number of deep-water construction technologies have broken the 1500-meter barrier, and China has fully mastered the independent manufacturing technology of more than 10 kinds of key underwater equipment, such as central manifold, which significantly improved its overall contracting capacity of very large deep water equipment projects.