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06/05/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 06/05/2020 17:33

Trump Administration Claims Victory on the Economy, While Over 17 Percent of Latinos in the U.S. Remain Jobless

Trump calls today's jobs report, which shows minority groups disproportionately impacted a 'tremendous tribute to equality'

Last week, nearly 2 million Americans filed for unemployment. But instead of acknowledging the challenges facing workers across the country, Trump praised the latest job report released today, calling it a 'tremendous tribute to equality' and 'the greatest comeback in history.'

Today's jobs report showed unemployment nationwide over 13% - 'on par with what the nation witnessed during the Great Depression.' The report also showed a rate of unemployment of over 17% for Latinos, 'the highest among all racial and ethnic groups surveyed by the BLS.'

'Yet again, the Trump Administration has proven to be completely out of touch with the reality facing working families and Latinos across the country. As Latino families across the country struggle to make ends meet amid this economic and public health crisis, Trump boasted that this month's job numbers were 'the greatest comeback in history.' said DCCC Spokesperson Fabiola Rodriguez. 'Trump and Washington Republicans should spend less time spouting 'triumphs' and more time listening to the American people and our nation's most vulnerable communities.'