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10/29/2018 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/29/2018 03:03

Korean artist wins prize from Italian sculpture town

Sculptor Park Eun Sun is the winner of this year's Fratelli Rosselli, a prize from Pietrasanta, Italy, a town famous for marble sculptures. (Park Eun Sun's website)

By Kang Gahui and Kim Young Shin

Sculptor Park Eun Sun, who has worked in Italy for 25 years, was given an award by Pietrasanta, a town on the coast of northern Tuscany famous for marble sculptures and known as little Athens.

The Municipality of Pietrasanta announced on Oct. 28 that the 28th winner of the annual Fratelli Rosselli Award, which honors sculptors that promoted the city worldwide, is Park Eun Sun.

'Park has constantly worked internationally to build a bridge connecting the town, Italy and the world, and has contributed to the dynamics of the town's art,' said Pietrasanta Mayor Alberto Stefano Giovannetti at the award ceremony on that day. It is the first time for a Korean to win the award.

'It has been my pleasure to give the warmth of life to cold stones for 25 years, and it is a great honor to win such a huge prize,' said Park.

As the town is located near the famous marble quarries of Carrara, Pietrasanta has historically been the city of sculptures. One of the most famous sculptures, 'David,' by the renaissance sculptor Michelangelo, was also created using marble from here.

Park is recognized for his unique marble and granite sculptures that have a Korean touch.

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