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05/07/2021 | News release | Archived content

New rolling line for profiles at Bruck an der Mur site

With its latest investment in a new rolling line for profiles, voestalpine Wire Technology in Bruck an der Mur is positioning itself as a full-solutions supplier in the profile wire sector, gaining access to new markets such as the food industry.

voestalpine Wire Technology's new rolling line for profiles offers high dimensional flexibility and can produce very small cross-sections, which opens up new fields of application for the high-performance wires produced in Bruck an der Mur.

Profile wire for the food industry

The new line extends the range of products to include profile wires with a cross-section of 2 mm² instead of the previous 6 mm². It also further optimizes the surface quality of the wire. These special profile wires are particularly in demand in the food industry, where stringent demands are placed on the material used in preservation processes. During high-pressure treatment, foods are preserved at a pressure of up to 6,000 bar, which roughly corresponds to the pressure at a sea depth of 60 km. The advantage of this method is that the pressure is distributed equally throughout the product and no heating is necessary.

The special flat wire for reinforcing high-pressure containers - produced by voestalpine Wire Technology

The special flat wire for reinforcing high-pressure containers is produced by voestalpine Wire Technology on the new rolling line for profiles. This wire must withstand the enormous forces that build up inside the high-pressure containers. According to the Organization of the German Agricultural and Food Industries, the percentage of food products preserved using the high-pressure process will increase by around 15% per year in the future.

voestalpine Wire Technology produces sophisticated wire solutions for use in the automotive, railroad, energy, construction, and mechanical engineering industries. Around 300 employees (FTE) work at the site.