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07/22/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 07/22/2021 21:03

Robots at work! Airbus fully automates solar array production

'Capella' then welds diodes to the solar cells, before 'Bellatrix' connects them together into strings, as the individual sections of a solar array are called. 'Antarix' cleans the panels and prepares them for adhesion. Once that is complete, 'Rigel' takes over and inserts the individual sections into the solar array.

'The Ottobrunn facility combines automation, robotisation, digitalisation and artificial intelligence to boost our productivity, quality and cost efficiency,' explained Andreas Vogel, Head of Engineering & Operations at Spacecraft Equipment.

The results are clear: Ottobrunn's robots have cut lead times for solar array production in half, while costs are going down as well. 'It's also increasing our competitiveness on the global market,' Andreas added.