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09/20/2019 | News release | Archived content

Astrogator 11.7: keep on Astrogatin'

For the past few releases of STK Astrogator, the new features that we have introduced have been confined to a single theme for each release. But, with STK 11.7, Astrogator offers a broad collection of new capabilities, large and small. These diverse improvements serve two goals: to make Astrogator easier to use and to enable you to do new, exciting things with it. The newest features include:

  • Modified equinoctial elements for the Optimal Finite Maneuver
  • Microsoft COM API for the Optimal Finite Maneuver
  • The option to enter Launch burnout conditions in ECF Cartesian
  • A 'Number of Revolutions' calculation object
  • Direct access from the STK user interface to SNOPT's internal scaling options
  • Improvements to the COM API for Impulsive Maneuvers
  • The option to enforce previously surpassed epoch stopping conditions
  • An N-Plate SRP model available 'out of the box'
  • A throttle-table engine model
  • A native Circular Restricted 3-body Problem (CR3BP) force model

See a product demo of the Circular Restricted 3-Body Problem.

Watch this video overview of new features in Astrogator 11.7.