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10/19/2020 | News release | Distributed by Public on 10/19/2020 16:10

Finalists took care of viz-ness (the Tableau way) in the 2020 Iron Viz Championship

It wouldn't be TC without the ultimate data showdown-Iron Viz-and this year was no different. Three fierce contestants took the virtual stage to have their 'data with destiny.'The Iron Viz global qualifier contest'sfinalists battled it out in an intense lightning round of live viz-tastic storytelling. In front of a massive live audience with thousands of people from across the globe all watching with front row seats, the Iron Viz contenders had 20 nail-biting minutes to whip up an awe-inspiring viz to energize, electrify, and reign supreme.

Hosts Keisha Rose and Andy Cotgreave were back to entertain us. And, while many viewers watched from the comfort of their homes in their pajamas, our hosts didn't let a pandemic keep them from donning their finest attire fit for the world's most prestigious analytics competition. Their excitement was contagious as they introduced this year's visualization superstars, Alex Jones, Christian Felix, and Simon Beaumont, who earned their place by rising to the top from hundreds of incredible health and wellness data submissions. The stakes were high as the three finalists prepared to click, drag, and drop their data-loving hearts out to win the trophy as well as thousands of dollars in prize money for themselves and the charity of their choice.

For the 2020 Iron Viz Championship, the data consisted of three data sets on the theme of the Environment: Climate at a Glance (NOAA), WHO Global Urban Ambient Air Pollution, and CO2 Emissions and Ancillary Data for 343 Cities (Pangaea).

The formidable contenders needed to impress a world-class panel of viz savvy leaders, composed of last year's Iron Viz Champions Joshua Smithand Hesham Eissa, Tableau VP of research and design Dr. Jock Mackinlay, and Tableau Senior Vice President of Product Development Ellie Fields. The judges evaluated the vizzes based on three criteria: design, analysis, and storytelling. The Judges' Score made up 90% of each contestant's total score, while the audience weighed in with the remaining 10% of the votes via twitter.

Now it's time to take care of viz-ness (the Tableau Way) and dive into the powerful environmental data stories our contestants told.