Kaohsiung City Government

11/07/2018 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 11/06/2018 21:07

Development of Yanchao University City, Hsu Li-ming: Kaohsiung Science Park Phase II will bring in new vigor for Northern Kaohsiung

Regarding the topic of Councilmen concerning about Yanchao University City development in Northern Kaohsiung; Kaohsiung Mayor, Hsu Li-ming, stated today (October 11) that the industrial land for developing Kaohsiung Science Park Phase II is about 367 hectares. In addition to the lead-in of high-tech manufacturers and the combination of industrial land and public facilities, the crowds and market demand will be brought in the university city, and thus local districts such as Yanchao and Qiaotou will prosper and be developed.

Mayor Hsu further expressed that the promotion of regional consumption power is not merely dependent on teachers and students in the university; instead, it needs to be coordinated with the industry development nearby. Taking the previous regional urban planning of Kaohsiung University as an example, although the adjacent Nanzih Export Processing Zone gathered a flood of people, the many neighboring residential areas slowed down the development. There was a lack of new industry injection. We expect to strengthen the use of industrial space in Kaohsiung Science Park Phase II and to create more employment opportunities in order to retain the crowds.

After the merger of Kaohsiung city and counties, we encourage 7 universities to share resources in terms of teachers, courses, etc., so as to link the Yanchao and Kaohsiung academies. Furthermore, a bus express line connecting 7 universities has been built in Northern Kaohsiung for public transportation optimization. Buses are operated temporarily to accumulate the traffic and the frequency of use first, while the use of LRT or MRT will be further assessed in the future.