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M. Kučinskis meets the President of Germany

On Wednesday 23 August, Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis held a meeting with President of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

During the meeting, the two parties discussed the issues relating to cooperation between Latvia and Germany, the situation in Europe and its future. M.Kučinskis and F. Steinmeier welcomed the active political dialogue and close cooperation between the countries at all levels.

As regards the situation in Europe, Latvia wants to further develop the European Union (EU) project, building on what has already been achieved. Both sides agreed that Latvia, like the other Baltic States, is an important and integral part of Europe. Latvia views the different ideas about the future of the EU through the following prism - does the idea strengthen the unity of the EU, does it strengthen the EU's geopolitical security and democratic values, does it accelerate the alignment of the EU's socio-economic standard of living, or does it strengthen and promote stability in the euro area.

The Prime Minister welcomed Germany's contribution to the security of the Baltic States. Germany is the lead nation of the NATO Battle Group in Lithuania. The last participation of Germany in NATO's Baltic Air Patrol Mission was from August 2016 until May 2017.

The officials also stressed that they maintain a strict stance on Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. 'We cannot depart from our own decisions. This is important not only in the context of Russia, but also in strengthening a united Europe,' said M. Kučinskis.

The two sides also discussed the issues relating to the Rail Baltica project, which is the most important transport infrastructure project in the Baltic region and will connect the Baltic States with the rest of the EU, thereby significantly improving the region's mobility and promoting trade. This project is also a priority at the EU level. 'The Rail Baltica project has reached maturity. Along with the construction of the infrastructure, work has already started towards evaluating the most effective infrastructure management model and developing a long-term business plan,' said the Prime Minister.

August 2017 will mark the 26th anniversary of restoration of diplomatic relations between Latvia and Germany. Germany is one of the major foreign trade partners of Latvia. The year 2017 has made a good start - trade between the two countries has increased by 9.8%.

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