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11/01/2018 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 11/01/2018 03:13

Greeting Taichung Flora Expo The employees of City Government and Campus Ambassadors take photos in the park areas for promotion

The opening of Taichung Flora Expo is now counting down. Taichung City Government has prepared many year to present the beauty of Taichung and Taiwan to the world. The colleagues who make contribution silently are one of anonymous heroes. To allow colleagues taking chance to be the leading character of Flora Expo, Information Bureau of the City Government invites employees of the government to take photos at the spotlights of Houli, Waipu and fengyuan such three major park areas. It is hoped to lead public knowing Flora Expo and see colorful and brilliant Flora Expo through the vitality and creativity of young men.

The shooting idea is originated by the Information Bureau of City Government. Through teach orally, employees of the City Government were invited to participate. 9 employees from different division of the City Government corresponded in less a day, they and 3 Flora Expo campus ambassadors went to three major park areas for photo shooting altogether. The famous island photographer Lee, An-Dian and Chen, Chu-Wen, Hsiao, Shuen-Hui of I-Ken Photo Studio (A Ken), director Chen, Dong-Tien of Backlighting Studio, director Chen, Gi-Tung of Shiguang Photo were also invited for shooting, while stylists Peng, Jing-I, Wu, Chia-Li (Maggie Wu) and Bai, Hsiao-Yun assisted for overall style design to facilitate this plan smoothly. It is hoped leading public to see the splendid and beauty of Flora Expo via energetic young men.
According to the Information Bureau, the employees participating in the event included Chang, Hui-Jun from Economic Development Bureau, Lin, Jian-Bang of Urban City Development Bureau, Lee, Shan-Yong of Water Resources Bureau, Chen, Ting-Yu of Social Affairs Bureau, Luo, Jun-Ying of Information Bureau, Chou, Yu from Police Department, 2nd Branch, Yutsai Station, Hsu, Wen-Chung from Fire Department, First Rescue Squad,Tanzi Branch , Lee, Xi-Jun from Third Rescue Squad, Wuri Branch, Zan, Ting-Wu from Taichung Maintenance Office, First Engineer Team and Flora Expo Campus Ambassadors Sun, Zi-Han from Graduate School of Mechanical and Engineer, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Huang, Yu-Wen from senior student of Nursing Department, Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology and Lin, Wei-Ping, 3rd grad of Hsu Guang Senior High School, total in 12 persons.
Young and sunny man Hsu, Wen-Chung, born in 1988, you cannot see that he has 10 experiences on public services. He was transferred to Fire Department, First Rescue Squad,Tanzi Branch in 2014 and has rescued many precious lives by now. He expressed that he was happy to take the photo, promote Taichung Flora Expo altogether. He invites you all to visit Flora Expo to appreciate the beauty of Taichung.
Sweet Chou, Yu, born in 90s serves at Police Department, 2nd Branch, Yutsai Station for one and half year. She comprehends that works of policeman is quiet trouble taken job to face different challenges everyday and to adapt the messed-up sleep schedule and irregular life style. Nonetheless, one can get different achievement wherefrom. Chou, Yu said that she hope everybody may visit Flora Expo to get soul relax and in love with Taichung.
Sunny boy Lin, Jian-Bang who serves at Urban City Development Bureau is the Landscape Master graduated from National Chung Hsing University. He had been travelled to western America, Washington during the oversea study at Colorado State University. He also had been served as executive assistant of Seed Company stationing in Thailand, India and China such southeastern countries. He is now handling Green Overpass 1908, Green Overpass axile projects of Urban City Development Bureau. Lin, Jian-Bang said that he was pleasured to participate in the propaganda activities and he invite you all to visit Flora Expo.

Chen, Ting-Yu with big bright eyes and sweet smile is from Taipei. She chooses to stay Taichung because she like the hospitality of Taichung people. She served at Eastern District Office in 2016 and joined Social Affairs Bureau since 2017. She said that she can feel many minority groups who need help in the society and she hopes that governmental resources may help more people with necessity. In addition, she hopes that more people may visit Flora Expo through this photo shooting activity.
Chang, Hui-Jun who serves at Economic Development Bureau said that she likes the feeling of serving citizens. It is full of sense of accomplishment when solving all troubles of public. Flora Expo is a big event dedicated to Taiwan, making people exited and she cannot wait to have good friends listen to the blooming of flower altogether.
Lee, Shan-Yong who serves at Water Resources Bureau provides services positively and aggressively. He expects that everyone can see better Taichung. You all are invited to play at Flora Expo in November.
Lee, Xi-Jun who serves at Fire Department, 3rd Rescue Squad, Wuri Branch mentioned that he loves his work and he feels the biggest achievement when the party or family says thank you after the mission is completed. Zan, Ting-Wu who serves at Maintenance Office, 1st Engineer Team is now mainly to manage the pavement extension along Wenshin Road and road improvement Project. He said that is happy to take the photo and expects that the major constructions of the City Government may satisfy citizens.
Luo, Jun-Ying who serves at Information Bureau said that she had been managed Central Taiwan Movie Center, Film Base and Taichung Esports Festival such activities. She expects to bring more beautiful changes to Taichung and she is pleasured to take part in Flora Expo. This is an event worthy to be mentioned in the whole life. She expects that everybody may love the Flora Expo carefully planned by the City Government.
Flora Expo Campus Ambassadors Sun, Zi-Han, Huang, Yu-Wen and Lin, Wei-Ping also said that they are happy to serve as campus ambassadors. It is hoped that everyone could find the beauty of flowers in Taiwan and allow the world to see Taiwan. The subsequent photos taken will be uploaded to Taichung Flora Expo FB fans page successively (https://www.facebook.com/2018taichungexpo).