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08/18/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 08/18/2019 17:47

Greek Tour 2019: Out of Athens

ATHENS, Greece -
For the first time in their eight-day excursion to Greece, the Dragons ventured outside of Athens on Sunday as the team toured the sanctuary and theater at Epidaurus as well as the city of Nafplion, the first capital of the modern Greek nation.

The two-hour drive to Epidaurus was broken up by a stop at the Corinthian Canal, a four-mile waterway connecting the Gulf of Corinth and the Saronic Gulf. Just 70 feet wide and 300 feet below the narrow walkway along the side of the bridge, the Canal gave the Dragons the opportunity to test their fear of heights, a test that not all the members of the team could pass.

The trip to Epidaurus gave the Dragons a chance to visit one of the birthplaces of modern medicine. The small museum displayed a collection of medical tools that were easily recognizable as early versions of the same tools doctors and surgeons use today, including forceps and needles. Made with bronze, they have been largely preserved over the ensuing 2,500 years. Nearby, Drexel toured the ancient theater at Epidaurus, known for its perfect acoustics that allowed performers to entertain crowds of more than 10,000 spectators long before microphones or modern amplification methods existed.

After the stop in Epidaurus, the team continued on to Nafplion, a seaside town that was the site of the first Greek Parliament after the revolution that freed the country from Turkish rule in the early 1800s. There, they had a late but large lunch at Alaloum, where their three-course lunch featured Greek salad, eggplant with fresh tomato sauce and feta cheese, fried zucchini, tzatziki, rooster, veal, tuna skewers and pasta, finished off with vanilla ice cream in raspberry sauce.

The Dragons spent the next hour walking off their lunch, with a few opting to climb the 999 steps to the fortress of Palamidi overlooking the town. Others walked along the turquoise-colored waters of the harbor, while still others wandered the streets of the town in search of souvenirs.

Drexel will have a free morning in Athens on Monday, then will be back on the road to Cape Sounio where the team will visit the Temple of Poseidon.