The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

08/21/2017 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 08/22/2017 04:49

Suspected drug dealer was Detainred red-handed by police in Kirov Region

As a result of the implemented operation, officers of the Administration for Drug Control of the Russian MIA Administration for the Kirov Region liquidated an online store distributing narcotics in the Kirov Region and in the neighboring areas.

Officers of the Administration for Drug Control identified and detained dealers of synthetic narcotics one by one, until it became possible to suppress the regional distributor supplying drugs to both local wholesalers and ordinary dealers.

As a result of the investigation and search operations, the police established that the functions of the 'warehouse' and the regional dealer had been performed by a 22-year old woman living in Kirov.

The police recently detained the young woman red-handed as she made another cache.

In the course of the personal search, policemen found over 20 sealed packets with a crystalline substance - narcotics prepared for distribution.

During the search at the woman's flat, the police seized cash in the amount of over 0.5 million rubles, nearly one kilogram of narcotics prepared for distribution, hand-written records with information about cache locations, a computer containing the suspect's correspondence with suppliers and photos of the caches, equipment for packing narcotics, about 900 SIM card of various mobile operators.

Most stringent conspiracy measures (the young woman regularly changed rented flats and of mobile telephone numbers), did not help her escape the detention. In addition to the wholesale distributor, the police detained 7 cache makers as a result of the operation. The authorities initiated a criminal case. Punishment for drug distribution in an especially large amount involves a sentence ranging from 15 years to life imprisonment.