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05/05/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 05/06/2021 04:13

Transcript: Shayne Elliott with Brooke Corte on first half 2021 results – 2GB

Brooke Corte:The economy is roaring back and so are dividends. Today, ANZ shareholders, if you're one of them, you were handed a much higher-than-expected 70 cents a share dividend. More than doubling the interim dividend paid last year. Speaking of doubling, ANZ's net profits doubled for the half to nearly $3 billion. Now, partly that's because it turns out a big chunk of funds that the bank put aside for a rainy day, in the, in the darkest days of the crisis. We were fearing the worst. In the end, they weren't needed. But more broadly, the economy is rapidly improving. Aussies are finding jobs. The housing market is hot. ANZ is expecting a big second half of the year too, when it comes to its business customers. Shayne Elliott is the CEO of ANZ. Shayne Elliott, welcome back to Money News.