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02/06/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 02/06/2020 16:44

Wisdom conversations: a cultural encounter with Mother Earth

  • The view that the Arhuaco people have of the world and the lessons they have to teach were heard in the Hay Festival held in Medellín.
  • At the festival, the book 'Palabras de Ankimaku' was presented. This is a book published with the support of ISA, which portrays the natural treasures of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the culture of the indigenous peoples who live there.

Amado Villafaña Chaparro, a documentary photographer; Gelver Zapata, a leader in the defense of the ancestral territory -both members of the Arhuaco people- and Pablo Mora Calderón, an anthropologist and editorial director of the book 'Palabras de Ankimaku,' participated in this conversation, sponsored by the ISA Group. The conversation focused on the main tensions that endanger the balance on Earth, as well as the opportunities, challenges and learnings to maintain balance from the point of view of the ancestral memory of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta people.

The conversation among these three men, who have lived and documented the journey of a community whose legacy is 'the fulfillment of the Lex Naturalis, principle and order of all beings,' included inspiring stories and connections expressed in audio and video, in writing, and orally. They also talked about the message that they have spread around the world, which refers to the mission of the past, present and future generations 'to make life and development on the planet possible.'

'Palabras de Ankimaku' was presented at the event. This is a limited, nonprofit edition produced thanks to the support of ISA and its affiliate ISA INTERCOLOMBIA, which contributes to the dissemination of Sierra Nevada treasures, the heart of the world, transmitted from the worldview of this people. The book contains the testimony of an almost two-decade relationship between the company and this ethnic community. Both parties have built a relationship never seen before in the country, based on mutual trust and respect, which has made possible, through dialogue and engagement, the preservation of the sacred nature of the area, and the viability of the development of infrastructure projects for energy transmission, which are key to the progress of the country and the region. The pictures by Arhuaco photographer Amado Villafaña Chaparro offer an exceptional view of the sacred territory and community.Accordingto the Arhuaco spiritual leader, Mamo Adolfo Torres, consultant for the book, 'accompanied by other Mamos such as Camilo Izquierdo, Andrés Chaparro and Santiago Márquez, we have arrived to the conclusion that it is necessary to express our concerns. This is the belief inspired by our spiritual father Ankimaku, the guardian of the universe balance, who gave this message to us.'

With respect to this unique relationship between the Colombian company and the indigenous community, Bernardo Vargas Gibsone, CEO of ISA Group, noted: 'We are honored to be part of the production and publishing of this book that shows, through images and stories, the culture of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta peoples and their journey as a transformation message, full of love for our Mother Earth and all species inhabiting it.'​