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10/07/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 10/07/2019 12:59

Honduras celebrates the Americas Mini Basketball Week with its Visión 2020 Plan

TEGUCIGALPA (Honduras) - It's been a longstanding tradition of FIBA Americas to designate the second week of October as the 'Americas Mini Basketball Week' as a way to foster the direct participation of each Federations' members in the development and organization of activities in harmony with families to grow and build the foundations for the future of Mini Basketball.

The Mini Basketball coordinators of the National Honduras Basketball Federation (FENABAH, for its Spanish acronym) have set clear objectives to expand and establish Mini Basketball in the Central American nation. During the Americas Mini Basketball Week, it's fitting that they share their strategic plan focused on three important aspects looking forward to 2020:

1. Recreation (Community Basketball)
2. Initiation (Pilot centers/ camps)
3. Foundations (National teams)

'We have decided that for 2020 we will consider several appearances by Honduras in international Mini Basketball Festivals taking place in at least three of the main cities of our country: Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba. We'll include six national teams for each sex, according to our shared goals with sister national federations to meet the objectives that both our siblings from other countries and Honduras itself has established. This is a recognition that the unity we hold to promote the development of Mini Basketball strengthens us and that it allows us to share lessons learned, knowledge, experiences and that, above all, our children openly interact with the diversity of each country's Mini Basketball. Of course, this considers each place's characteristics and their sports culture, which are enriched by the diversity of the movement,' said Carmen Cubas, Mini Basketball Coordinator of FENABAH.

Mini Basketball in Honduras expects and hopes to keep projects destined to Camp Mini H and the Catracho Ballers, while hoping that in 2020 both will extend to other cities.

'It's almost been a year since this modality in Honduras has made efforts oriented to the important task of fighting for the future of Honduran basketball, planting the seed in children that have found in Mini Basketball their most relevant athletic experience. Here they learn not only about basketball, but also how they can be better children and enjoy what they do,' added Cubas.

'The idea with these festivals and projects is to try to grow Mini Basketball in Central America - particularly in Honduras. We're expectantly waiting for 2020 so we can have our first participations as the City of San Pedro Sula. We're here to develop the foundations and to be able to have basketball for many years to come. We work from early ages and that's where the prospects of our country are,' said Carlos Trujillo, FIBA Level 1 Basketball Coach, who's also one of the members of the Honduras 2020 project.

The purpose of each activity should be to develop the growth of the child by Mini Basketball, where they work on their motor, social and emotional skills in friendly environments that foster positive experiences but that should be maintained and continuously replicated.

'To create active Mini populations, because we don't have the funds needed to do this work, and because we have no local tournaments, these projects have a popularization objective. International festivals are our main tools to improve. Right now, we have a workspace with at least eight coaches dedicated to Mini Basketball in our country. They'll be drawing up the plans according to the projects' agendas and considering the population of children and the specific objectives of each community,' assured Cubas.

'We're aware of the importance of working on minor categories, where the future of our children and basketball lays. We started working with young ages and we did a selection of children to shape the Mini Basketball process. We had the marvelous opportunity of participating in the Festival at Sonora, Mexico. With these festivals we improve interpersonal relations, helping to strengthen self-esteem and personal development before the athletic aspects. Fun, learning, love for the game and friends prevail and children are the protagonists. We'll keep working on these projects toward 2020,' assured Joset Trabanino to, Honduras Coach and Basketball Coordinator for DelCampo School.

'The exchange of technical knowledge and fostering friendship among coaches will help Honduras participate in international sports events and to hold competitions for Mini Basketball in our country,' he added, while also pointing out: 'The chance these children have of being seen by other teams and coaches paves the road to find other opportunities and experiences overseas and to seek studying opportunities through basketball.'

Visión 2020 is centered on the results achieved during a great part of 2019 and depend on the foundations and national teams of Honduras' Mini Basketball, including children of diverse sports experiences; some of which are experiencing international festivals for the first time, and others who also practice the sport regularly. Part of the vision is to include and share with children of other nationalities, working as role models, leaders and friends. Children with a higher game level serve as monitors and little guides for other Honduran children who learn best through observation and imitation. Growth is a guaranteed result at the end of the process.

Pau Prieto Ferró, a Mini Basketball player, was invited to be a part of a Honduran team where he will be able to play, share and contribute his experience in Spanish basketball. He was champion in several tournaments, including the inter-school Pre-Mini 2017 at Colegio Maristes Montserrat, and the Pre-Mini Mare Nostrum Cup 2018 where teams from all over the world attend. He was also champion in the 2018-2019 Pre-Mini category and a member of the U-10 Panama National Team in 2018.

'I'm happy and thankful for FENABAH's invitation to participate. I also feel motivated because I know that I can contribute and help Honduran children with basketball. Being able to get to meet new cultures and places, children from other countries and new ways of experiencing basketball, share ideas with them… Everything will be interesting. I'll contribute what I know and the experiences I've lived in other parts of the world, like Spain and Panama, where I've grown playing Mini Basketball. I'd tell children that join Mini Basketball that it's a team sport to be happy and have fun,' said Prieto to

'I'm in my first national team shortlist process and I feel very well. I'm training and playing in friendlies. I'm very proud of what I've accomplished. The next competition on 2020 will be very important and I'll be able to learn more and represent my country for the first time,' assured Gerardo Gabriel Álvarez, a 12-year old Honduran participant.

Visión 2020 aims to keep forwarding the movement begun by the Mini Basketball community and link it to new development initiatives, including international festivals as a tool to foster growth, fun, and learning. Honduras invites everyone to play Mini Basketball.