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05/09/2019 | News release | Archived content

Application Services Update: A little more everything

This quarter's update sees minor increases across security, performance, availability, and identity/access.

It's a rare quarter that we see only gains in application services usage. This is one of those quarters. While the gains were minimal - 1% in most categories - it's impressive to see zero decrease in usage across categories.

Of particular note was HTTP/2, which has held steady at a 2% usage rate since January 2018. This quarter saw the first increase to 3%. While still anemic compared to other acceleration techniques like compression and multiplexing, it is encouraging to see even a tiny improvement. HTTP/2 will be best put to use improving performance of traditional, chatty web applications. Modern, API-based apps like mobile and SPAs are less affected by protocol performance because their conversations are short. While they would still benefit, organizations are unlikely to see significant improvements in performance with HTTP/2 unless they're applying it to traditional, stateful web apps that reuse connections over the lifetime of a session.