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12/02/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 12/02/2019 09:02

Biotta relies on domestic wood as energy source

Biotta and Rathgeb Bio share a focus on organic agriculture and the pursuit of innovative, sustainable solutions, so the decision to work together on this project came easily. The result of the joint project is a new woodchip heating system next to the Biotta juice factory in Tägerwilen, which was officially opened at the end of November.

Long before the federal regulations on CO2 neutrality come into force in 2050, Biotta is now already climate-friendly. With the new woodchip heating system, Biotta entirely relies on the regenerative raw material of wood from the region to generate energy. Parts of the trees that are not usable as valuable timber (branches, treetops, malformed trunks) are chopped up and fed into the combustion process as untreated forest wood. The annual timber growth in the entire canton of Thurgau amounts to 175,000 cubic metres, enough to fill 70 Olympic-size swimming pools. The new woodchip heating system uses around three per cent of that amount per year.

The introduction of the woodchip heating system reduces the CO2 emissions of Biotta by a total of 2,500 tons per year. Therefore, the Swiss organic pioneer Biotta will be able to cover the entire energy requirement for all production processes and office space with woodchip heating.

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