Presidency of the Republic of Lebanon

05/05/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 05/05/2021 04:40

The President followed-up the course of measures in combatting smuggling on Lebanese borders, and investigations on smuggled pomegranate boxes to Saudi Arabia.

MP Pano: 'President Aoun is working to complete compensations to those affected in the Beirut Port explosion. The President asserts that there will be no backing-down from forensic audit, no matter the intensity of pressures'.

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun followed-up on the course of measures taken at last week's meeting, which was held at Baabda Palace to strictly combat smuggling from Lebanese land, sea and air crossings, especially after the recurrence of recent incidents.

The President also continued his follow-up on the investigation regarding the smuggling through pomegranate boxes to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially the arrests made in this regard.

MP Pano:

The President received MP, Antoine Pano, today at the Presidential Palace.

General affairs, especially in the 1st Beirut area and neighborhoods affected by the Port explosion, were addressed in the meeting, where MP Pano thanked President Aoun for the financial allocations to compensate affected individuals, which amounted to around 200 billion Lebanese Pounds.

'His Excellency assured me that he is working to provide additional funds to complete the compensation process, in addition to his thorough daily follow-up on the work of the Lebanese Army and official institutions in lifting damage and caring for the affected' MP Pano stated.

'I assured His Excellency that citizens of the 1st Beirut district, in particular, and the Lebanese in general, support the steps taken to eradicate corruption, even gradually. They also support forensic audit, amid astonishing reasons which prevented this process from taking place, despite all decisions taken since March 2020. I was also informed by the President that this issue is the basis of any desired reform, and there is no backing down, no matter how intense pressures are, especially pressures exerted by those affected by the audit, who didn't spare any effort to disrupt it' MP Pano continued.

Moreover, MP Pano pointed out that the President's stance, concerning negotiations in demarcating southern maritime borders, 'Confirms once again Lebanon's adherence to negotiations to restore rights, provided that this is achieved without preconditions and in accordance with international laws, to reach positive results. This will enhance Lebanese sovereignty and serve Lebanese interests, while guaranteeing Lebanese rights'.

PCH Director General:

President Aoun met the Director General of the Public Corporation for Housing, Engineer Roni Lahoud.

Eng. Lahoud briefed the President on the work of the foundation, amid difficult economic conditions which Lebanon passes through.