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10/24/2023 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/25/2023 04:10

PRESS RELEASE BY THE OFFICE OF THE SPEAKER Speaker Angelo Farrugia addresses the 147th Assembly of the Inter Parliamentary Union in Luanda, Angola

The Assembly of the Inter Parliamentary Union, which is being held in Luanda, Angola between 23-27 October is debating the action by Parliaments for peace, justice and strong institutions. This is one of the sustainable development goals which recognises that underlying the multiple crises of our time, there is a fundamental governance challenge linked to people's trust in institutions and their capacity to meet the needs of all people equitably and sustainably.

Speaker Farrugia gave his address during the high-level segment of the general debate. In his remarks he stated that national parliaments have an obligation to oversee all targets set by their respective countries. It is crucial national parliaments set an example when dealing with transparency and accountability. As an example, in Malta, he mentioned the establishment of the role of an autonomous Standards in Public Life Commissioner, together with the parliamentary Standing Committee on Standards in Public Life in 2017.

Speaker Farrugia emphasised that Members of Parliament are instrumental to promote and foster the fundamental values of non-violence, respect and openness to others, tolerance, solidarity and peace. Through parliamentary work parliamentarians need to reaffirm the importance of mutual understanding and dialogue as the basis for any functional society and inter-personal relationship.

He concluded his speech by stating that peace, justice and strong institutions are not only required on a national level but also on a global level. Unfortunately, what the world is experiencing today, is the opposite of what we as human beings should be aiming to achieve. The Speaker stressed that what is happening in the Middle East is of great concern not only to the parties directly involved in the unfolding situation but also to the region as a whole. Speaker Farrugia called all parties to refrain from any sort of power politics and move towards dialogue, understanding and lasting peace. It is equally important that multilateral institutions like the United Nations continue in their efforts to promote the observance of international law and it is crucial to have strong global institutions to ensure that peace and justice are a priority of all nations.

Speaker Farrugia is leading the Maltese parliamentary delegation attending the 147th IPU Assembly comprising Randolph Debattista and Robert Cutajar.