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Mission Impossible: Manual Software Testing for Every User Journey

Mission Impossible: Manual Software Testing for Every User Journey

Join us on June 15 for our upcoming webinar,"Making the Impossible Possible - Testing Every User Journey." Discover the secret to achieving exceptional website performance through automated software testing.

With sky-high expectations from your users, flawless website performance has become essential. However, manually testing every user journey to maintain and improve functionality can be overwhelming. And when every second counts, an already monumental job becomes virtually impossible.

Users expect perfection, with lightning-fast load time and intuitive navigation becoming the norm. Failure to deliver against these expectations due to glitchy user journeys is enough to push your customers to your competitors. And there are hard numbers to back this up, with recent studies showing that:

And that's all it takes, which raises the stakes for your software testing teams, especially if they use manual testing methods or incorrect tools.

The Challenges of Manual Testing and Outdated Tools

User behaviors are unpredictable, making creating test cases for every possible action and scenario manually arduous and time-consuming. Moreover, software updates and new feature releases can impact existing functionality, requiring repetitive and mundane regression testing. Furthermore, testing various integrations and APIs further complicates the process. It's a challenging puzzle that requires a more modern approach.

Unlocking the Secrets of Automated Software Testing

Automated software testing with Keysight Eggplant makes the impossible possible. It simplifies, accelerates, and delivers robust end-to-end testing across your entire retail IT infrastructure.

Eggplant uses a model-based approach to testing to help identify and test every single user journey you can think of and many others you can't. By creating a 2D model of your website or any other system under test and applying machine learning, Eggplant can:

  • Identify all possible paths throughout your website.
  • Determine which areas haven't been tested yet.
  • Focus on parts that might be prone to defects.

It does all this at machine speed, so you can cut time and costs while increasing the number of test cases and coverage across your eCommerce site.

Keysight Eggplant can test at machine speed 24/7/365 to reduce time and costs, while increasing test cases

Eggplant also uses image and optical character recognition to monitor and test the UI like a user would interact with your application to ensure visual elements are displayed correctly and function as intended.

By testing through the eyes of your customers, Eggplant can validate product descriptions, images, and even your brand's logo by taking screenshots and recording short movies, so you can quickly identify and fix any errors. It does this without accessing the source code, but Eggplant can still test web elements in the DOM if required.

Keysight Eggplant's benefits don't stop there, but you'll have to sign up for our webinar on June 15, "Making the Impossible Possible - Testing Every User Journey," when we will reveal all.

There will also be a demo and live Q&A, so make you don't miss it. So don't let manual testing and outdated tools keep you from delivering exceptional user experiences. Save your seat today.