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06/13/2024 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 06/12/2024 21:48

LG Chem Embarks on Development of Next-Generation Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors to Provide Solutions for Solid Tumor Treatment

■ Begins Phase 1 clinical trials of its first independently developed anticancer substance, commencing patient dosing in the US

■ Mechanism activates multiple tumor-eliminating cells including T cells, NK cells, and macrophages simultaneously, marking a clear distinction from existing therapies that focus on single cell activation

■ Life Sciences Company President Jeewoong Son,
"We will concentrate our capabilities to provide an innovative treatment experience that is acknowledged and felt by our customers."

LG Chem is initiating the clinical development of next-generation immune checkpoint inhibitors to expand treatment opportunities for patients with solid tumors.

On the 11th, LG Chem announced that it had registered a patient for Phase 1 clinical trials in the United States for its first independently developed anticancer drug candidate, LB-LR1109 (research project code LR19155).

This candidate is a monoclonal antibody drug that inhibits the LILRB1 (Leukocyte Immunoglobulin Like Receptor B-1) mechanism. It prevents the binding of the immune checkpoint signal molecule LILRB1, which is expressed in various immune cells, and the protein HLA-G (Human Leukocyte antigen-G) expressed in cancer cells, thereby activating the functions of immune cells throughout the body simultaneously.

LG Chem explained that the target protein LILRB1 is commonly expressed on the surface of multiple immune cells, including T cells, NK cells (natural killer cells), and macrophages (phagocytic cells), highlighting a distinct difference from existing immune checkpoint inhibitors that focus solely on T cell activation.

LG Chem has confirmed dose-dependent anticancer effects in solid tumor animal models and received Investigational New Drug (IND) approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in December of last year.

The company plans to recruit patients with advanced or metastatic solid tumors in South Korea and the United States to evaluate the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics characteristics. Additionally, through close collaboration with its oncology-specialized subsidiary, AVEO, LG Chem will establish strategies for late-stage clinical development and regulatory approval.

According to market research institute GlobalData, the global market for immune checkpoint inhibitors is projected to grow from KRW 60 trillion (USD 50 billion) in 2023 to KRW 100 trillion (USD 82 billion) by 2028.

Jeewoong Son, President of LG Chem Life Sciences Company, stated, "We are concentrating our entire capabilities to provide an innovative treatment experience that is acknowledged and experienced by healthcare professionals and patients worldwide," and added, "We will continue to propose differentiated treatment options in the field of oncology, where unmet medical needs are the greatest."