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06/25/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 06/25/2021 05:29

Bringing “the military factor” to work

Supporting military charities

Gartside sees it as Barclays' duty as an Armed Forces Covenant signatory to support military charities who look after the wounded, injured and sick. An 'action not words' philosophy sees the bank announcing new support for four charities, over the next four years, with a reach across all three services and throughout the UK.

'These charities support veterans in landing long-term jobs and give them that ability to build second careers', Gartside says. The charities are Mission Motorsport, Walking with the Wounded, Royal British Legion Industries, and Groundwork Greater Manchester.

For veterans in contact with those charities, transitioning from military service can be a 'long-term, slow process', says Gartside, 'considering what a lot of them have been through. And it can take quite a lot of time to get up to that position where they're able to forge new career paths - which is why these partnerships are so crucial.'

Speaking of his own military experience, Gartside says that 'you're coming from the original values-based organisation. And that really sets you up for success at a place like Barclays.

Gartside in Baghdad, Iraq in 2008.

What we refer to as 'the military factor' means those coming from the armed forces bring a huge diversity of thought to the business. Their broad experiences provide something that's different to the normal corporate thinking.

Kevin Gartside

Head of Military and Veterans Outreach, Barclays

'In the corporate world, there are a lot of very good managers, but actually they're crying out for strong and empathetic leaders.' These qualities exist in the military regardless of background or rank, Gartside says, and Barclays' programmes prove that 'despite a lot of commonly held preconceptions, financial services is not just for officers. The leadership, training and qualities learned and demonstrated across all ranks in the military set a great standard.'

The ability to lead has been an 'asset, advancing my career at Barclays' from project manager to programme manager to head of department, and he sees it as a 'similar asset for the hundreds of other veterans that we have in the business.'