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TruConnect Leverages AI to Drive Call Handling Improvements with Five9 Agent Assist

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TruConnect Leverages AI to Drive Call Handling Improvements with Five9 Agent Assist

Automated call transcription and notetaking facilitated a30-second reduction in overall call handle time withinthree months, drivinga cost savings of nearly 10% in year one.

SAN RAMON, Calif. - April 28, 2021 - Five9, Inc. (NASDAQ: FIVN), a leading provider of the intelligent cloud contact center, announced today that mobile virtual network operator TruConnect hassuccessfullyleveragedFive9 Agent Assist to realize tangiblecall handlingimprovements. Agent Assist's AI-powered, automated notetaking and call transcription helped TruConnectshave 30 seconds off average call handle time (AHT) within three months,and the company expects an overall cost savings of 7.5% in the first year as a result of the time saved.

TruConnect providesmobile hotspots, smartphones, mobile data plans, and prepaid cell phone talk and text plans on the T-Mobile network. Handlingmore than 62,000 calls per month across three contact centers globally, TruConnect implemented the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center during the pandemic so that agents couldwork remotely while maintaining the same level of productivity. The company also chose to participate as an early adopterof Five9 Agent Assisthelping to evolve the solution through real world feedback, adding to the Five9 vision of making AI in the Contact Center both practical and impactful.

Agent Assist uses AI, natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning(ML)to assist human agents before, during and after customer interactions. As TruConnectagents handle calls, Agent Assistprovides atranscript of eachinteraction in real time, and call summaries are simultaneouslycreated,cutting down on after-call workload. Agent Assistalsodelivers real-timeguidance and remindersthat help TruConnectagents identify additional services they can offer to customers. After acall, the agent confirms that the summary is correct, they adjust it or add notes, and then upload it to the CRM or database of choicethrough the Five9 native integrations. The call notes, call summaries, and transcriptsare also stored in the FIve9platform.

'Faster agents with good data help us be more efficient and make better choices,' said Lucy Sung, COO at TruConnect. 'Being part of the Five9 early adopter program for AI has proven that even efficient call centers can be improved by using the automated summaries. This also assists us in gaining additional insight into our customer behavior patterns.'

In addition tothe30-second reduction in AHT and estimated year-one cost savings, TruConnectexpects to see a 20% cost savingsin year two as a result oftime savedthrough additional automation with the CRM for customer look-up.

Five9 deployed new knowledge baseintegrationsand real-time guidance enhancementsfor Agent Assist with the Spring 2021 product release. This and other enhancements were made possible through the Five9 Hyperscale Architecture,which provides an underlying extensible and scalable option for customers looking to move their contact center to the cloud. For existing Five9 customers, it ensures that Five9 can deliver enhancements and innovation in a more agile way. The robust set of continuous enhancements that Five9 has delivered over the course of 2020 and 2021 are designed to help enterprises reimagine their customer experience in a more iterative way.

'The ability to incrementally improve,and,in some cases,rethink customer experience is critical in today's fast-changing service landscape,' said Anand Chandrasekaran, EVP of Product Management, Five9. 'We are delighted to see TruConnect embracing innovation and achieving tangible improvementswith Agent Assist. By combiningmachine intelligence and human oversightto address the universal need for better insight into customer interactions, Five9 Agent Assist exemplifiesthepromise of practical AI in solvingreal-world business challenges.'

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