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12/02/2021 | Press release | Archived content

Google Cloud and NetApp team up to expand Cloud Volumes Service to 8 new regions

Where is your data stored? Do you need to select where your data is stored, specifically in a certain country? Demand for high-performance cloud file storage is at an all-time high. To help enterprises like yours migrate even your most challenging workloads to Google Cloud, NetApp is pleased to announce support for 8 more Google Cloud regions worldwide. We now have 27 data centers worldwide delivering the security, performance, and scalability that enterprise customers require.

Our fast-expanding network of data centers now provides NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud to global customers in these regions: Delhi (Asia-South2), Las Vegas (US-West4), Melbourne (Australia-Southeast2), Mumbai (Asia-South1), Osaka (Asia-Northeast2), Toronto (Northamerica-Northeast2), Warsaw (EU-Central2), and Zurich (EU-West6). With these newly added data centers, enterprise file storage is now available in a region near you, giving you protection against natural disasters and other regional disruptions while meeting government and business sovereignty objectives.

Cloud Volumes Service meets GDPR requirements

Our data centers are fully General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant and meet the stringent requirements of governments for data sovereignty. Companies that are bound by sovereignty regulations now benefit from multiple locations for NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service, one of the fastest-growing services in the Google Cloud portfolio.

Migrate your mission-critical applications with Cloud Volumes Service

Cloud Volumes Service is a fully managed, native Google Cloud service built on robust NetApp technology. It provides the ultra-high-performance file storage that enterprise customers like you need to migrate even your most demanding workloads to the cloud. Think SAP, HPC, VDI, and databases like SQL. Cloud Volumes Service delivers on-premises or better performance in the cloud. Exactly what you've been waiting for.

We know that managing your cloud storage environment, especially performance, can be a challenge. Cloud Volumes Service delivers the scalability and performance your enterprise applications need, integrated into the Google Cloud Platform, making it easy to manage. Scaling your cloud storage resources up and down is fast and simple, with no special training and no complicated code changes. You get these capabilities at 99.99% availability for both Windows and Linux file environments.

Watch for new regions as our expansion continues

We continue to expand to regions around the world in response to accelerating demand for Cloud Volumes Service. We currently have data centers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, U.K., UAE, and Asia-Pacific, including Japan, Singapore, India, and Australia. We're adding new regions and new countries all the time.

Get started with Cloud Volumes Service

Join the many enterprise customers that have been consuming petabytes of this native Google Cloud high-performance, low-latency, scalable, and secure cloud file storage service. Getting started is simple. There are no new contracts to sign, and our service is billed directly against your annual Google monetary commitment. Experience on-premises or better performance in the cloud. Start with this no-risk 14-day, $1,000 trial of NetApp Cloud Volumes Service. Your enterprise apps will thank you.