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Sibanye-Stillwater to assume full ownership of Kroondal, doubling its life of mine - Form 6-K

Sibanye-Stillwater to assume full ownership of Kroondal, doubling its life of mine
Johannesburg, 31 January 2022: Sibanye-Stillwater (JSE: SSW and NYSE: SBSW) is pleased to announce that
it has entered into an agreement with Rustenburg Platinum Mines Limited ("RPM") a subsidiary of Anglo
American Platinum Limited ("AAP"), through its subsidiary, Sibanye Rustenburg Platinum Mines Limited
("Rustenburg operation"), which will result in the Rustenburg operation assuming full ownership of the low
cost, mechanised Kroondal operation. This transaction will facilitate the life of the Kroondal operation being
extended to 2029 and ensure significant value creation for all stakeholders.
Sibanye-Stillwater currently operates the Kroondal operation, which is located adjacent to, and up-dip of
Sibanye-Stillwater's Rustenburg operation and the shallow Klipfontein open pit operation. The Kroondal
operation is subject to a 50/50 pool and share agreement ("Kroondal PSA") between Kroondal Operations
Proprietary Limited (a 100% held subsidiary of Sibanye-Stillwater) and RPM ("collectively the PSA Parties").
Sibanye-Stillwater acquired its 50% interest in the Kroondal PSA following its acquisition of Aquarius Platinum
Limited in April 2016.
By the end of 2020 certain shafts at the Kroondal operation had reached the boundaries of the Kroondal
PSA lease area. In order to allow the affected shafts to continue operating, with effect from January 2021,
a contractor mining agreement was agreed between the PSA Parties and the Rustenburg operation,
providing for the mining of the Rustenburg operation from the Kroondal operation (the "Contractor
The Contractor Agreement permits immediate exploitation of parts of the Rustenburg operation's orebody
which would otherwise only have been mined from the existing Rustenburg operation infrastructure
sometime in the future, allowing for the early conversion of a portion of the Rustenburg operation's mineral
resources into reserves and extending the life of the Kroondal operation.
In addition to the Contractor Agreement, the Rustenburg operation and RPM have entered into a sale and
purchase agreement ("Sale Transaction") in terms of which the Rustenburg operation will acquire RPM's
50% interest and all associated liabilities in respect of the Kroondal PSA and the Marikana pool and share
agreement ("Marikana PSA")(which operation was placed on care and maintenance in 2012) (together
"the PSA's") for a cash consideration of R1.00 plus the assumption of RPM's portion of all associated liabilities,
which includes all associated closure costs and rehabilitation liabilities. The rehabilitation liabilities are
currently calculated at approximately R415 million.
The implementation of the Sale Transaction is subject to the fulfilment of the following key conditions
The delivery of 1,350,000 4E ounces by the Kroondal operation to RPM's designated smelters through the
mining of both the Kroondal PSA orebody and the Rustenburg operation's orebody (together "the
Project Area") and the Klipfontein open pit operation. The 1,350,000 4E ounces will be delivered in
accordance with the terms of the current Kroondal PSA and the current Kroondal operation purchase
of concentrate (PoC) agreement with RPM. This condition precedent is expected to be fulfilled early in
2024; and
Regulatory approvals including Competition Commission approval and Section 11 consent in terms of
the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, 2002 for the transfer of the mining right, currently
held by RPM, to Sibanye-Stillwater's Rustenburg operation
On completion of the Sale Transaction, the PSA's with AAP will be terminated and Sibanye-Stillwater (through
the Rustenburg operation), will be entitled to mine the remaining PSA ore body and ore from the Rustenburg
operation that may be accessed from the Kroondal operation infrastructure entirely for Sibanye-Stillwater's
account. The PoC agreement will also fall away on completion of the Sale Transaction, with all PGM
concentrate from the combined operations being subject to the terms of the current Rustenburg
operation's sale and toll treatment agreement with RPM.
These agreements will more than double the life of the Kroondal operation, underpinning much needed
sustained employment opportunities, and ensuring significant value creation for all stakeholders through the
lower cost and more efficient extraction of the project area orebody than would have been the case as
two standalone operations.
Sibanye-Stillwater Chief Executive Officer Neal Froneman commented "We welcome this mutually
beneficial transaction which, through the full consolidation of these operations under a single owner will
unlock significant value for all stakeholders by extending the operating life of the Kroondal operation, which
as a standalone operation, was constrained by the existing PSA agreement. We are unlocking the true
potential of these adjacent mines by utilising the mechanised and low cost Kroondal operation to mine
across the boundary with the Rustenburg operation. This will accelerate the extraction of more remote parts
of the Rustenburg operation orebody, sustain employment for more than 2,500 people until 2029 and ensure
the creation of significant value for all stakeholders in the region."
Investor relations contact:
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Investor relations contact:
[email protected]
James Wellsted
Head of Investor
Relations Tel: +27 (0) 83
453 4014
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