Pinal County, AZ

04/10/2024 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 04/10/2024 10:40

Maintenance Fund Improves Safety in Pinal County

Mitchell Trail, Heritage Road to Arizona Farms Road

Pinal County's Road Maintenance and Improvement Fund provides the essential revenue for transportation projects not only in the county but also in our cities and towns as well. One of the key projects funded by the program was creating a secondary access point for Oasis at Magic Ranch which previously only had one way in and one way out.

Cattle Tank Road, Park Link to Davis Ranch

The Road Maintenance and Improvement fund also provided an improved, paved secondary access to the "Missile Base" area which previously only had one improved access road. Having an additional paved access point creates safer conditions for drivers and residents by not only allowing quicker response times for first responders but also creates more than one exit point for local traffic, reducing the risk of easily preventable low-speed collisions.

McCartney Road, I-10 to Evans

With the help of the Road Maintenance and Improvement Fund, Pinal County can offer a critically needed improvements throughout the county's cities and towns. The Road Maintenance and Improvement Fund was able to fund improvements on coordinated road projects such as McCartney Road, in collaboration with Casa Grande and Coolidge, that added culverts at all of the drainage crossings, added turn lanes, paved shoulders and other safety improvements.

Trekell Road

Another example of critical improvements made possible by the Road Maintenance and Improvement Fund is on Trekell Road. Trekell Road was failing and had areas where water was not draining. It was determined it needed a full depth reconstruct from Jimmie Kerr Blvd to Interstate 8 (North ADOT ROW) then from Interstate 8 (South ADOT ROW) to Hanna Road with shoulder work to help water flow.

Florence-Kelvin Highway

Florence-Kelvin Highway has been continually improved over the last several years and serves as a major east-west connection between State Route 77 and State Route 79. The importance of Florence-Kelvin Highway became apparent during last wildfire season when the State route had to be closed. Florence-Kelvin became the route of choice to detour travelers in addition to being an important route to help move supplies to the area during the fires.

As mentioned, Pinal County's Road Maintenance and Improvement Fund is able to provide necessary improvements to issues caused by normal wear and tear as well as transportation and safety issues that arise with the County's growing population. Florence-Kelvin Highway is a great example of a project that needed to adapt to the increased amount of traffic due to population growth as well as unforeseen closures of other popular routes in the County.

Magma Road Extension

Pinal County was able to provide critical improvements to Magma Road through funding provided by the Road Maintenance and Improvement Fund. Magma Road serves as a vital route to San Tan Foothills High School and the surrounding communities. Its impact is multifaceted, significantly improving emergency response times, reducing school bus journey durations, and enhancing overall community convenience and safety.

Emergency response times to the foothills area have been drastically cut, addressing a critical concern. The road's construction involved the installation of major drainage structures within a remarkable 30-day timeframe, demonstrating efficient planning and execution.

In addition to its role in emergency situations, the road contributes to everyday life by streamlining bus routes. Previously, bus journeys that took 25 minutes have been reduced to 5 minutes, alleviating traffic on the highway caused by buses.

"It also is another ingress and egress to the San Tan Foothills High School," Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb said when the road opened in 2021. "This is so valuable to us as a community out here, for the residents, for the school. And we're thankful for the county for getting it done."

Recognizing the importance of community safety, the road's extension addressed the potential hazards associated with having only one exit and entrance at the high school. The entire process, from inception to opening for traffic, was completed in a swift six months, reflecting a commitment to promptly meet community needs.

Importantly, the road development project demonstrates a balance between progress and environmental preservation. By providing a much-needed transportation solution, the road stands as a testament to proactive community planning and development, ensuring the well-being of residents while safeguarding the environment.