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03/22/2022 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 03/22/2022 10:08

Iberdrola Portugal investe 8M€ na construção da Central Fotovoltaica do Conde em Palmela

"This is an investment of eight million euros byIberdrola Portugal, with an area of ​​around 20 hectares, which will produce more than 20 GWh/year [gigawatt-hours per year], enough to guarantee the average supply of electricity. around 5,000 homes and avoid the emission of around 6,000 tons of CO2 [carbon dioxide] annually", stresses the Palmela City Council in a statement.

The laying of the first stone for the construction of this photovoltaic solar power plant, held on March 16, in the parish of Quinta do Anjo, marked the official start of yet another enterprise in the area of ​​renewable energy in the Municipality of Palmela.

Álvaro Balseiro Amaro, president of the municipality of Palmela, underlined, on the occasion, the "importance of creating this type of infrastructure next to the Autoeuropa Industrial Park and the industrial area of ​​Vila Amélia, where many suppliers of the automotive cluster and several other companies are located. , mainly linked to robotics, automation, logistics and distribution, which could benefit from synergies with photovoltaic solar plants, with economic and environmental advantages".

Renata Rodrigues, CEO of Iberdrola Renewables Portugal, assured that the plant will be completed and operational by the end of the year and that the cooperation protocol established with the municipality consists of the donation of a photovoltaic unit to produce energy for self-consumption in municipal equipment and in the installation of five charging stations for electric vehicles.

The municipality of Palmela has two power stations already in operation and three under construction. "The sum of their annual production and the set of investments already licensed or under analysis represents more than one million megawatt-hours per year, enough to avoid the emission of more than 518 thousand tons of carbon dioxide annually!", explains the company. camera on your website.

"These values ​​exceed all the targets already defined and would reduce the emissions produced by the territory by about 122%, making Palmela a "carbon sink" in the country and contributing more than 1% to the goals of the National Energy and Climate Plan 2030. The mentioned photovoltaic production would also make it possible to supply all the energy needs of the municipality and give it the capacity to "export" about 25% of the energy produced", predicts the city of Palmela, which manages the most extensive territory in the Lisbon metropolitan area.