Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Latvia

04/04/2024 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 04/03/2024 23:18

Ukraine appreciates Latvia’s leading role in restricting imports of agricultural goods from Russia

On Wednesday April 3, Armands Krauze, the Minister for Agriculture, met the Ukrainian Ambassador in Latvia, Anatolij Kucevol. The Ukrainian Ambassador appreciated the ban on imports from Russia and Belorus of agricultural goods and food at the national level as well as the leading role of Latvia at the EU level in restricting imports to EU of agricultural goods, as a result the European Commission increased import tariffs on agricultural goods brought from Russia and Belarus.

To reduce the unfavorable impact of Ukrainian grain on the EU grain market, which gave rise to multiple protests in several EU Member States, for example, a sustained blockage of transport movement by Polish farmers on Polish - Ukrainian border, the Minister for Agriculture, Armands Krauze agreed with the Ukrainian Ambassador Anatolij Kucevol that Ukraine should reorient its exports to EU to such goods, which EU Member States are producing insufficiently, for example, protein products for animal feeds and poultry farming. Ukrainian grain should be purposefully exported to regions where, unlike EU, grain is not produced in sufficient amounts.