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11/20/2023 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 11/20/2023 07:58

New team set up to raise supported exempt accommodation standards

A new Council team, based in the housing and homelessness service, has been set up to help improve the standard of supported exempt accommodation that is provided in the city.

The team (pictured) want to ensure that the people living in supported exempt accommodation, and the wider community have a positive and trouble-free experience.

Supported Exempt Accommodation refers to properties in which the resident receives care, support or supervision for the purpose of enabling them to live or adjust to living independently within the community. It is often provided for people who have complex need like learning disabilities, autism, or experience mental health issues.

To be classified as 'Supported Exempt Accommodation':

  • The landlord must be a voluntary organisation, a registered charity, CiC (community interest company) or Registered provider (Housing Association).
  • The landlord must have a legal interest in the property concerned (ownership or lease).
  • The residents must need 'care, support or supervision.'
  • The 'support' to meet these needs must be provided by the landlord or on its behalf.

The team have produced a guide intended for use by new and existing providers of Supported Exempt Accommodation operating within Coventry.

It has been designed to help providers understand what is expected of them. It also explains the Council's expectations of providers operating in the city and this refers to help to ensure value for money, quality and appropriateness of Supported Exempt Accommodation in the city.

Cllr David Welsh Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities, met up with the team this week. He said: "We want to see supported housing that is well-run in Coventry and so we now have a team that can speak to landlords and act on behalf of tenants and local communities who have complaints about the way a property is run.

"Recently the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee (PAC) reported that the supported housing sector is in desperate need of reform. They state that the government is ignoring the problem.

"I am calling on the government to introduce new regulations and raise standards, but in the meantime, it's important that landlords know that the team has been set up in Coventry and the expectations we have of the services they provide.

"I hope to see positive benefits for Coventry tenants and local people."

In Coventry, there has been a rise of 900 housing units between 2018/19 and August 2022. August 2019 = 2828 units compared to August 2022 = 3705 units. In Coventry, the majority operate outside of a commissioning framework.

The team are keen to hear from people or the community when things go wrong, they are encouraging people to speak up, so that the Council can work with providers to make things right.

They are keen to receive feedback if tenants or residents, living near a property providing supported exempt accommodation, if they:

  • have a comment about a housing or support provider.
  • want to complain if a housing or support provider didn't get it right for you; or
  • want to compliment a housing or support provider when they have done something well.

For details visit the Supported Except Accommodation page.

Published: Monday, 20th November 2023