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04/02/2023 | News release | Distributed by Public on 04/02/2023 04:30

Chicago Mayoral Candidate Johnson Open to Discussion on Rent Control

Chicago Mayoral candidate, Brandon Johnson, discussed real estate issues with Illinois REALTORS® in a recent one-on-one interview. Johnson will face Paul Vallas in tomorrow's runoff election.

Johnson told Illinois REALTORS® during the interview that "a pathway to homeownership is the top priority for [his] administration." He also said that one of the things making it "very difficult for families to afford to stay in the city of Chicago" was property taxes, which he pledged to not raise if elected. Johnson called property taxes in Chicago "unbearable" and said homeowners, especially minorities, were "losing opportunities to be able to continue to grow wealth."

Both of the candidates in Tuesday's mayoral election have said the city needs more affordable housing. They differ, however, on how to pay for it. Johnson argues that proposals, like the "Bring Chicago Home" ordinance, which will raise real estate transfer taxes, have "incredible substance," and should be supported.

And while Vallas is adamantly opposed to the idea of rent control, Johnson said he wanted to see rent stability so that families could plan more effectively. According to Johnson, wages have not been keeping up with the cost of living in Chicago and "one of the greatest challenges that most people have is rent."

"I know there are proposals about rent control in the General Assembly and I want everyone to be a part of that discussion to make sure that there's stability." Johnson also said though that it's important to make "sure that the families who are providing the service, who have property that they are renting to families, that they're also engaged in those negotiations and I'm committed to making sure that that happens."

To hear more from this candidate, be sure to check out the full interview below.

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