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Hispanic Heritage Month Employee Spotlight - Jose Torres Vazquez


National Hispanic Heritage Month is observed yearly from September 15 to October 15. It is a time to celebrate the achievements, histories, traditions, and cultural diversity of Hispanic Americans whose heritage is rooted in 20 Latin American countries and territories.

In observance of 2023's Hispanic Heritage Month, Defense Logistics Agency Aviation will feature employees of Hispanic heritage.

Name: Jose Torres Vazquez

Job Title: Inventory Management Specialist

Organization: Planning and Support Division, DLA Aviation at Jacksonville

Years of service: 6 years

Please describe your job in a sentence or two. I provide data describing a material's usage and it's predicted forecast to my customer. By forecasting inventory requirements, we are able to maintain stock at safe levels to meet the demand of our customer.

How do you support the warfighter? I support the warfighter by making sure the material they need is accessible. My strategy in maintaining a healthy inventory is to keep communication active with the fleet readiness centers, customers, material and supply planners, and all other partners.

The theme for this Hispanic Heritage Month in 2023 is "Todos Somos, Somos Uno - We Are All, We Are One." In your words, briefly explain what this means to you? For me, the theme for 2023 means that despite our individual differences, we are connected and share common experiences.

Tell us something unique about your heritage or country of origin. There's so much to say about Puerto Rico's fusion of art, music, cuisine, and traditions, which tend to be present at any event we have. Christmas in Puerto Rico is celebrated with an enormous family party with humor, music, and huge amounts of food. On this occasion we cook Arroz con Gandules and Pernil, which is pork shoulder with rice and green peas.

What is one thing you'd like others to know about your heritage? In Puerto Rico, we are always happy for a holiday and celebrate every holiday in a large way!

Why is it important to you that we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month? Hispanic Heritage Month recognizes the importance that Hispanics have in our communities and our contributions to the workforce. Learning about other cultures can open your mind to new ideas and create a pathway to build bridges for a more unified community.