City of Glens Falls, NY

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Suspended Sediment Problem Continues; Spikes In Water Demand Partly To Blame

NEWS RELEASE: September 26, 2023

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Suspended Sediment Problem Continues; Spikes In Water Demand Partly To Blame

The City continues to experience discoloration in the water supply as the City has begun its twice-yearly hydrant flushing program and the system has experienced spikes in water demand from a large - as yet unidentified - user.

"We're seeing more suspended sediment than we usually do during the fall hydrant flushing," said Mayor Bill Collins.

"And the spikes in water demand are contributing to the issue. We are continuing to investigate the source of the spikes," said Mayor Bill Collins. "City staff are working to discover the origin and source, and we apologize for the inconvenience this continues to cause to City residents."

The water coming from the City's water treatment plant is regularly tested and is clean and safe, but if sediment is present in your water, please open your spigots and let them run until the water is clear (up to about 15 minutes). If you continue to have discoloration, please report it to the City Sewer and Water Department 24-hour line at 518-761-3857.

The spikes and flushing combine to re-suspend sediment that has settled into the miles of water pipes in the City into the daily water flow and, carry that suspended sediment into homes and commercial properties across the City.

"We are handling as many calls as we can, and we appreciate your patience over this concern," said Bill Norton, Superintendent of the City Water & Sewer Department. "The City is asking that those who continue to experience the discoloration after opening all their spigots report the problem to our 24-hour line at 518-761-3857."

"We'd like our commercial and industrial customers to review their water usage, as we review the demand spikes, and contact the City to discuss a plan going forward for ensuring this does not continue to happen," said Mayor Collins.

The hydrant flushing started Monday, September 25, and will continue for 10 to 15 days.