Newmont Mining Corporation

08/05/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 08/05/2021 17:22

Celebrating Newmont’s Professional Engineers

The sixth annual Professional Engineers Day took place on August 4 - it's a day to celebrate what it means to be a professional engineer and show appreciation for the work they do.

To mark this day, we at Newmont want to recognize and celebrate two of our own professional engineers: Briana Gunn, Group Executive of Environmental Affairs, and Kim Morrison, Senior Director of Global Tailings Management. These women have been crucial to Newmont's success and continue to lead the Company through their experience and expertise.

'Becoming a professional engineer (PE) means that you have the education and experience requirements and passed an exam that permits you under state law to provide specific engineering services. I have been a PE since 2006; it has been an important part of building credibility, growing in my career, and working in a way that aligns with the fundamental ethical and professional duties of an engineer.'

- Briana Gunn, Group Executive of Environmental Affairs

'Being a professional engineer, and particularly a female professional engineer, is a badge of honor that I wear proudly. Engineering is one of the oldest professions, especially civil engineering, and should garner similar respect as that which doctors receive. Civil engineers are engineers for the people - we design and construct infrastructure to support civilization.'

- Kim Morrison, Senior Director of Global Tailings Management

Recently, Briana and Kim were interviewed by Mining Journal and offered their insight into tailings management in the industry.