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12/15/2023 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 12/15/2023 12:39


Special Assistant to Prime Minister for Human Rights and Women Empowerment, Mushaal Hussein Mullick, has emphasized the pivotal role of women's full-fledged participation in driving economic prosperity. She delivered these remarks at the inaugural ceremony of the "Pakistan Style and Furniture Expo," a three-day expo that showcases articles from all provinces, capturing the richness of their respective cultures. Mushaal expressed admiration for the Expo, acknowledging its impressive presentation of the intricate and diverse cultural lifestyle trends inherent to Pakistan. She articulated that the Expo serves as an invaluable platform, offering an opportunity for artisans, designers, and businesses to showcase their most exquisite creations. She said that artisans and designers had poured their creativity and dedication into crafting these articles, creating pieces that resonate with the diverse and dynamic global design landscape. Touring various stalls, Mushaal Hussein Mullick and Sabein Hussein Mullick (Focal Person to SAPM) were deeply moved by the remarkable craftsmanship and innovative spirit showcased by the artisans. They were of the view that every exhibit stood as a powerful testament to the nation's rich heritage, artistic ingenuity, and contemporary innovation. Mushaal expressed her delight and specifically applauded the participation of women and transgender entrepreneurs in the expo. Mushaal highlighted that narrowing the gender gap in Pakistan through dedicated efforts in women empowerment, particularly within the political sphere was a main component of the 100-day plan initiated by the Ministry of Human Rights. She proposed the establishment of an Implementation Council underscoring the significance of translating legislative intentions into tangible actions. The council would play a vital role in ensuring the enforcement of passed legislations related to women's empowerment, she added. Mushaal remarked that the nation's economy was demonstrating signs of stability, with the stock market displaying positive indicators. She specifically commended the personal endeavors of the Chief of Army Staff, acknowledging and appreciating his significant contributions to the overall economic stability of the country. Expressing deep concern, Mushaal conveyed the distress her family is experiencing due to the persecution of her husband Yasin Malik by India. Critiquing the recent Indian Supreme Court's verdict on the abrogation of Kashmir's special status, she emphasized the verdict had no legal standing. Mushaal also unveiled her initiative to establish a Kashmir Advisory Committee under her leadership. She elaborated that the committee would offer comprehensive recommendations to the Government in response to the Indian Supreme Court's decision. She also drew attention to the demographic changes being made in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) by the Modi-led Indian government to influence any future plebiscite. ?