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Set up a Drive-in Movie in your Backyard this Summer

Set up a Drive-in Movie in your Backyard this Summer

Posted June 30, 2020
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You may be feeling a little stuck these days, with camps cancelled, trips postponed, shows furloughed, and hopes of a fun summer out the window.

But being stuck at home does not mean we can't create great memories as the weather gets warmer! Spending a day with the kiddos turning your backyard into a 1950s drive-in theatre could set you up for weekends of memories well into the fall.

So get your tshirts and poodle skirts, this week's #BackyardMovieNight theme is a night at the drive-in.

Jesup Drive-In Source

Set the mood

Make some great memories spending a full day with the kids getting ready for the big event.

Cardboard cars - make them of the era (and make them comfortable with a few pillows and blankets. You can also use wagons, plastic storage bins.

Set up a snack stand, and make a commercial for it with the kids that plays before the show or at intermission

Set up some activities - everyone dresses up like a character from the movie, and then the family guesses who it is

plan a few movie-themed activities that can take place during the show, from sing-alongs, to trivia, to playing breaks where the kids can blow off some steam playing with movie-themed toys.

Just the grown ups tonight? Hang some string lights, come dressed in your best 50's attire and…

What you'll need:

  • Projector (there are tons of options available in a variety of price points either to buy or to rent)
  • Screen: If you have a large wall, you're set. If not, use a white or beige bed sheet, or if you think you might make this a regular occurrence, consider purchasing a projection screen. Fancy.
  • Sound: Depending on your projector, you may want to set up an auxiliary portable speaker.
  • Building materials: Cardboard boxes, paint (or markers), construction paper, safety scissors, tape, and other craft tools to help your vision come to life.
  • Blankets and pillows: get cozy and have blankets on hand just in case it gets chilly when the sun goes down.
  • Seating: Lawn furniture, piles of cushions, an inflatable mattress, or go all out and drag the sofa outside.
  • Fairy lights and extension cords.
  • A heads up (or invite?) to the neighbors. Don't forget to allow for some social distancing if inviting others.
  • Snacks: fresh popcorn, nachos, baked goods, hotdogs, hamburgers, ice cream, and deluxe candy.
  • Beverages: soda, water, juice, and hot cocoa if it's chilly out.
  • A day and evening free to set up and enjoy your perfect backyard movie night!
  • A strong WiFi connection: make sure it's nice and steady where you're setting up your movie so you're not bugged by interruptions.

Get the right flicks

Whether you have a crowd of kids of you plan to get some time in with your main squeeze, here are a few flicks for your consideration.

Here are a few movies that could make a great Drive-In #BackardMovieNight

What to watch: Beach Blanket Bingo

Where to find it: Prime Video

What to watch: Caddyshack

Where to find it: Prime Video and Google Play

What to watch: Jaws

Where to find it: HBO, Prime Video, Google Play

What to watch: Jurassic Park

Where to find it: Prime Video, Google Play

What to watch: Billy the Kid vs. Dracula

Where to find it: Prime Video, Google Play

Have a TiVo Stream 4K, but don't know what movie to watch? Browse through free, ad supported services like Pluto TV, Tubi TV, IMDb TV, and TiVo+, along with subscription-based streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney+. And don't forget video on demand services like Vudu and Fandango where you can rent or purchase a huge range of new and classic films.

Whatever you do, make sure you put your #BackyardMovieNight on Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter! We'll be surprising folks with some fun prizes all month.

Set up a Drive-in Movie in your Backyard this Summer

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